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Almost half way there and oh man, what would happen if……..?


Let’s review. There are 15 unbeatens in the NCAA football Bowl Series and 13 of which represent the top 25. The other two (Texas Tech and Houston) should be. The way I see it, there is sure to be some unhappy fans and once again, parody amongst the BCS….especially if I’m even remotely close to a prediction that SIX or SEVEN, yes 6 or 7 of the 15 below mentioned programs will finish the year undefeated. Tell me about the evaporation of the Big 12? Just look at who’s representing here. And of course, you have to mix in some mid-power conference teams because at the end of the day, why would they play with the big boys, get the same amount of scholarships as the big boys, abide by the same rules/statutes as the big boys yet not be considered for a shot at the big boys?… I know, you’ve heard the argument before. Big 10 and Pac 12 have real representation this year as well. Like Clubber Lang said when asked his prediction on the outcome vs Rocky “Prediction…, PAIN”. That’s the story of the BCS if these unbeaten predictions come true. So on that…. Here we go. (In order of Conference champ’s assumption)


  1. Alabama-Simply put, they have an easier road to the SEC title game assuming they win against LSU who will be bruised if they make through their remaining schedule. While most will argue that they have the best team on paper and on the field in the nation, if they run the table…they won’t even have to prove it. Lucky them.


  1. Stanford- You have to absolutely love what this team has done… Besides fans of losing NFL teams, no one is paying attention to whom I think is the second best team in the land. Big Game to watch- VS Oregon in northern Cali.


  1. Boise State- Boise, I love to say it and unless you let another “Nevada” like incident happen, you’re on your way to another undefeated season as you play zero ranked opponents from here on out. The easiest path guaranteed…I want you in a title game so, so bad. Will the BCS let it happen finally?


  1. Oklahoma State- I love you sending A&M off to the SEC with your foot on their neck about as much as the preview of what’s to come with Arkansas welcoming last week. I like this squad here in the Big 12 and moreover, think the ‘Boys’ have the best chance of coming away with a shot at the Title.


  1. Wisconsin- Ummm, has anyone watched these mutants? There as big and athletic as any SEC team I’ve ever seen. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d put my money on this team in the Title game. This is the best team in college football. #2 offense and #3 Defense and still a tough schedule to make a case. You’re welcome Nebraska.


  1. Clemson- The Tigs have some Solid, Solid W’s under there belt and assuming my predictions play out correct, they’ll be going up against a 1 loss Georgia Tech team come the ACC championship.


  1. Houston- “Yea So, Yea So? So I wanna go somewhere and play somebody who can plug us into the BCS Pipeline. Is that too much to ask?”- You’re surging Cougs, and with 3 home games lurking I like your chances to go undefeated. Perhaps the BCS will notice the path that TCU and Boise State has paved for you. But it may be just too much to ask. I’m on board though.


  1. Texas- If Texas wins out, which would be an awfully challenging task considering they still play 5 ranked teams, not only would it be a remarkable turnaround from last year, but I can’t see how they could be left out based on the firestorm of protest that would ensue in Longhorn Nation. HUGE game next week in college footballs 2nd biggest rivalry game where they’ll get a chance to prove if there for real…The Red River Shoot-out.


  1. Michigan- Even if you get past Ohio State, the #1 Greatest rivalry game in college football. You still have to play Wisconsin in the first ever Big 10 championship. I’ve seen stranger things happen with this program however?


  1. Illinois- An unconvincing 5-0 is still 5-0 and for the first time in 6o years mind you. And hey…you do have Wisconsin at home?


  1. Oklahoma- The only reason I have them here instead of OK State, is because I think OK state is very, very due. That said….I’m betting against the odds and first, they have to handle Texas.


  1. Texas Tech- Unranked? Are You kidding me? The bad news is that your next game is against Texas A&M and finish with Baylor- Both are ranked ahead of you. The really, really bad news, is that you have to play the remaining teams from the big 12 on this list. Have fun and good shooting in Lubbock.


  1. Georgia Tech- Well if they can get past Clemson twice and Georgia and V. Tech. Why not?


  1. LSU- You still have to fight through the remaining SEC and next to Tx.Tech… the toughest road. Even if you are the best team in the nation.


  1. Kansas State- Well- Why not Kansas, Why not. It would leave everyone in Texas, Oklahoma and the entire country including Manhattan KS wondering how that happened. Except for the guys in the locker room. That’s all that matters.


So let’s assume I’m right in these predictions. Then what? Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12, ACC, SEC, a consistent Mid-Conference Powerhouse and an up and comer all undefeated? Boom goes the dynamite…. I hope I’m right.






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  1. BB says:

    This season does just give a feel that several teams could run the table. College football being what it is, though, I’m thinking 3, maybe 4 can do it. Although Clemson is looking way tough, I’m thinking the ACC is actually a tough league this year and no one will emerge unscathed. I can definitely see Stanford doing it, and one team from that conference in the middle of the country. Wisconsin is certainly looking the part, although I will always assume an SEC team is the best until I see it proven otherwise on the field.

    As for the greatest rivalry, I would likely agree if we’re talking all-time, but if asked now, I would definitely have to give it to OU-TX because it needs to have current relevance, which OSU-MU has not for a little while now.

    And how about those Broncos from Boise? I happen to be sit firmly on the fence on this issue. On the one hand, big conference advocates will state that Boise could never survive a full season in a power conference unbeaten, while Boise backers will tell you they would roll through it and still be undefeated. My opinion is that, in at least one or two of the past few seasons, they could have been one of the top 3 or 4 squads in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, etc., but not run the table. They really need to schedule 2, if not 3, non-conference games against true powers to garner the respect they so desperately want.

    Very timely article!

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