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Are we all having fun yet?  Has this offseason given anyone besides me a constant feeling of gloom?  It seems like every time I navigate the inter-web looking for the sports news of the day, I stumble across yet another story of disgrace and humiliation in college football.  Possible recruiting violations at Oregon, the multi-layered fiasco at North Carolina, everyone’s least favorite (outside of Columbus) sweater vest-wearing coach falling on his sword amid allegations of free tattoos and oversights in judgment by the school’s administration, sordid recruiting and benefits allegations at Miami, bar fights in Baton Rouge with the senior quarterback allegedly pretending to be Derek Vinyard from American History X, and the beat goes on.  It’s almost enough to make me forget how much I love the college game…… almost.  So I say enough with the doom and gloom, let’s get excited for what will surely be another great season of NCAA football with twists and turns that Miss Cleo, Negrodamus (Chappelle’s Show reference) nor anyone else could predict!  Here’s a list of things I’m excited for, feel free to add yours in the comments section.

1)      The end of the “Hawk Love” era in Boulder – this era started with great optimism at CU… Hawkins was allegedly the architect of the Boise machine, and with a larger recruiting territory at his disposal and better tv exposure, how could he not succeed?  Well after 5 seasons and only 19 wins (of which, only two came on the road – yikes!), it quickly became apparent that Chris Petersen was the man behind the curtain at Boise, and Hawkins was exposed for a fraud.  I have no illusions that new coach John Embree will bring a Pac12 title to Boulder this year, but with a renewed emphasis on the running game and bringing back many illustrious traditions from the glory days, it’s safe to say CU fans are as excited for a season as we’ve been in years.

2)      Rivalry games – nothing better than 2 teams who hate each other meeting on a Saturday afternoon and battling for bragging rights.  Fan bases who hate each other, students who despise each other, players and coaches putting their reputations on the line… it’s a way of life in college football.  From the small-time (CU-CSU, Utah-BYU) to the big-time (Alabama-Auburn, Florida-Florida State) every fan looks for the rival game as soon as the schedule comes out.

3)      Tailgating – a tradition seemingly as old as time, there’s really nothing better than meeting up with friends and family for an afternoon of food, lawn games, and a few wobbly pops.  Honestly, NFL tailgating doesn’t hold a candle to the atmosphere you’ll find on gameday’s at most college campuses.  Fact.

4)      OT – no question about it, college football does overtime like a boss.  Realistically any overtime football game is entertaining, but nothing quite like the entertainment you’re bound to encounter at an NCAA overtime game.  Who can forget the 2003 Arkansas-Kentucky game when the Pillsbury Throwboy fumbled in the 7th overtime?  Or the Michigan St-Notre Dame game last year with the “walk-off” fake field goal?  Awesome stuff no matter how you slice it.  And you can basically guarantee at some point this year Arkansas will find their way into a multi-overtime game… it’s just what the Hogs do.

5)      Upsets – love it or hate it, the BCS as we know appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future… and an often underappreciated part of the BCS is how it has created the best regular season of any sport there is.  Sure, a playoff would be preferable, but how can you not love LSU-Oregon putting their cojones on the chopping block in Week 1?  Or Stanford theoretically cruising through the Pac12 undefeated, only to have to face bitter rival Notre Dame on the final day of the regular season?  Say what you will about the bowl system, but no sport does a better job of keeping the pressure on the top teams on a weekly basis than college football.  Whether it’s a no-name school toppling a giant (App State over Michigan, James Madison beating Va Tech) or a scrappy underdog beating a conference foe late in the season (Stanford taking down USC in ’07, Oregon St beating those same Trojans a year later, Kansas St winning the Big12 title game vs OU in ’03) there’s guaranteed to be a few games this year that will be instant classics and give some small school its 15 minutes of fame or ruin the season of a national title contender.  Can’t wait… only 8 more days!


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  1. By no means thought of it that way.

  2. YNOtbone? says:

    Carefull to anoint CU as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. I forsee a 1 win season in their future, that being CSU, of course.

  3. Dylan says:

    my bad on my grammar/editing. Georgia is the dominant division (SEC) but BSU is no joke

  4. Dylan says:

    You forgot to mention the Boise St v Georgia game as a possible upset. Everyone believes that Georgie is the dominant team in the dominant division bu (SEC) BSU is no joke. They are legit. Yeah they played in the WAC and now the MWC but I hope Boise St stomps Georgia next weekend and run the table because it would shake up the BCS system…. which the is a joke

    My favorite rant of all time:


  5. CB says:

    Touche Mr. Pierson! I can’t buy a pack of smokes without running into nine fans that bs about scandles their squads are in (i don’t actually smoke cigs, it’s a movie line from boondock saints, but still rings true).

    I agree with most all of the things you mentioned above; but I personally can’t wait to see how the Nebraska Cornhuskers fair in the Big10. I want to see the ‘Skers return to glory in ’11… and it begins against the power-house known as Tennessee at Chattanooga on September 3rd.

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