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If you haven’t heard, the NCAA suspended UF starting DT Shariff Floyd for two games. The Philadelphia native grew up with his great grandmother in poverty conditions. During his senior year, neighbors raised money for him through different charitable fund raisers. The NCAA has ruled the money he received to be impermissible, according to NCAA standards. Once again, the NCAA missed an opportunity to show common sense and compassion, instead give the appearance of ruling from an ivory tower. The following is UF Head gator Will Muschamp’s fitting reaction.

“I’m angered, disgusted and extremely disappointed that Sharrif will have to miss two games.In my opinion Sharrif is getting lumped into what is bad about college athletics. As we indicated in the statement Saturday night his issue was not related to sports agents, University of Florida boosters or his recruitment to Florida or anywhere else.

 Sharrif is what is good about college athletics – his life is about survival, struggle, disappointment and adversity. I have recruited kids that did not know where they would sleep that night or what they would eat. Growing up, Sharrif was one these kids. Sharrif’s life is also about triumph, honesty, integrity, determination, perseverance and character.  The NCAA stated that he received preferential treatment; there is nothing preferential about his life.He grew up with only his great grandmother and still sends her Pell Grant money so she can pay her bills. How many kids do you know that would do that?  I know one – Sharrif Floyd.

 I want to make it clear that this issue is not about sports agents, Florida boosters or his recruitment to Florida or anywhere else.  The issue is about his survival and the only reason the NCAA, the SEC and the University of Florida were aware of these issues is because Sharrif brought them to our attention last February. He came forward because, as I said before, he is honest and because of his integrity.The toughest day that I have had as a head football coach at Florida was the day that I had to tell Sharrif that he could not play in our game vs. FAU last week. I took away part of his family.He had tears in his eyes and said “What have I done wrong?” I told him he did nothing wrong. It wasn’t any easier to tell him today that he would be missing Saturday’s game.I have two sons at home- if they end up like Sharrif I will consider myself a successful father. “



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  1. Kevin says:

    Jeff I could not agree more. He and Damier Byrd (South Carolina) are both suspended for dealing with the same mentoring program that helped them both. This is just wrong. It did not play any part on which school they went to, or give them any advantage over any other player. Byrd got four games and has to re-pay some money. Lucky for him his family can help pay this back.

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