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  1. Al H says:

    Great job, Bert. I stll think you need a T shirt shop on the FL beach…

  2. JamesS says:

    I agree with earlier post. There have been a lot of fans screaming for a play off. Now it looks like they may just get what they want. Now, what do you have? Another pro sport league disguised as amateurs? Only in this one, the athlete truly does lose and the owners (schools), coaches and corporations get rich.
    And the biggest tragedy of all, in the very near future I will not be able to take my kids to bowl games because they will disappear in lieu of play off games OR it cost too much for the average family. That’s sad because going to a bowl game (Blue Bonnet Bowl, Astro Dome, Houston, TX, 1978) with my dad was one my fondest memories of all time.
    It seems as if the corporations are trying to find what good is left in America and milk it for all the money they can.

  3. SouthernMan says:

    Bring on the play off!!! For all those fans that have been wanting this, here you go. The NCAA is giving it to you. College football will be ruined by the greed of the corporate hogs. College football. as we know it, will be gone forever in five years or so. Pro football on Saturday and Sunday now. I hope your happy!!

  4. A Poor Sap says:

    They’ll end up seeding the conferences at the end of each season to give the appearance of an equitable format. As for the 56 or so outsiders looking in at the superconferences, they’ll be even more irrelevant than they are now. Perhaps they’ll call it the FSCS, or Football Sub-Championship Subdivision. Oh boy, I just can’t wait…

  5. Big Conference Bob says:

    Unfortunately this is where all sports (collegiate included) are headed; actually it has been for a long time. Look at the NFL lockout and the upcoming NBA season that won’t happen the NHL and MLB a few yrs back. These are the things that we have come to know and accept in sports; and we fans are the poor saps that bitch and gripe about it but still put our butts in the seats because we love the game itself. I’m rambling but my point is, the suits will do whatever they will to put more money in their pockets, and as long as they don’t change the game I love on the field, I will put up with it

  6. Kevin says:

    I hope if they go to 4 “super” conferences, they get out from under the control of the NCAA. I have heard that it is possible, but I can’t confirm.

  7. T says:

    Its all about the $CASH$

  8. JS says:

    This, unfortunately appears to be where we are headed.

    Incredible drawing!!!

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