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Notre Dame football continues to play by its own rules, but its powerful grip on its own destiny may be slipping just a bit, or even two bits.  Wednesday saw an announcement that Notre Dame’s other sports would be abandoning their affiliation with the beleaguered league known as the Big East, which now appears left with the goal of becoming a basketball mega-power conference, with their best football programs heading every which way but east.  Yes, you’d be right to point out that they actually have few other geographical options from there, but that’s beside the point.


An interesting twist to this affair is that Notre Dame will be required to play five (5) football games per year against ACC foes, which begs the question of whether full-scale football affiliation is on the horizon.  A cursory look at their 2012 football schedule, however, tells us that they already have matchups with three (3) squads from the ACC, and four (4) if you count Pitt, which will be joining the ACC come 2013. 


I suppose because of their stubbornly independent streak, coupled with the megabucks-for-mediocrity deal with NBC, I will poke fun at the Irish along with the next guy, but I’ve got to stop and give them a little credit.  As of this moment, you’ll also see on that schedule, matchups with #2 USC, #5 Oklahoma, #10 Michigan State, #17 Michigan, #21 Stanford, and #25 BYU.  Yes, that would be three top 10 and six top 25 teams that they’ll put up their dukes against this season.  We’d be hard pressed to find another team willing to do this outside of the SEC, whose teams play such schedules just by virtue of their SEC membership.


Another little nugget that’s emerged from this is the ACC’s reported $50 million buyout provision levied against schools looking to jump ship.  My guess is that this will reduce the threat of ship jumping by, well, leaps and bounds.  


Depending on the trajectories of Notre Dame and ACC football powers such as Clemson and Florida State, the Irish may someday be faced with your classic “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em scenario, but for now they appear content with the “if you won’t join ‘em, beat ‘em” approach. 



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