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For those that missed it; the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game was epic. This game certainly lived up to the hype.






With that said, it is a shame that it had to end under such controversy, and yes in spite of what Lou Holtz says, this was controversy. If you choose to look at this through rose colored glasses, be my guest, the truth is; the officials blew this call.

This is getting to be too common, in my opinion; the officials on the field make a hasty on field call, knowing it will be reviewed. The problem with this thinking is, the rules state that a video reversal must be “indisputable evidence”, often times this is subjective. As was the case with the OT call in yesterday’s game.  For anyone watching, the whistle NEVER did blow, so take that argument away.

None the less, The Irish clearly have shown the doubters that they are back. It is just too bad that the clear winner of the game couldn’t be decided on the field, instead of the men in stripes.

You be the judge……

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