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Baylor’s NF1 Era Begins


Baylor’s post-RG3 era opened nicely with a 59-24 win over SMU.  New Baylor QB Nick Florence (it seems NF1 just doesn’t have the same ring to it) played well, throwing for 341 yards and four touchdowns.  Likely growing weary of the irksome questions about RG3’s departure and “where does this leave the program now” inquiries, Florence channeled (Waterboy QB) Gee Grenouille by essentially stating that nothing has changed with the program.  I’m sure he’ll do very well, but those Heisman winners do tend to leave a void when they move on, unless they are an Alabama running back of course.



Trojans Dominate (former Rainbow) Warriors


Before the much anticipated and highly disappointing matchup Saturday night between #2 Alabama and #8 Michigan, my eleven-year-old son asked me my picks for the national championship game.  With as much professionalism and insight as I could muster, I went with AP #1 USC and #2 Alabama.  How’s that for throwing out a couple of dark horses?  I know, it lacks originality to say the least, but looking back now, I’m surely not ready to change a thing.  I mean, we saw what Alabama did to Michigan, and if USC beat actual Warriors 49-10, just think what they may do to some type of bird or other, lesser creature? 

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