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Those of us expecting history to have any bearing on the 2011 installment of what is widely known as Bedlam – in football, that is the annual matchup of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State – were mistaken to say the least.  107 years of history would suggest that Oklahoma State rarely wins this match-up, even on the rarer still occasion that they may be the better team on paper, let alone completely annihilates their in-state rival.  The 2011 Pokes apparently skipped their history classes this week as they hit the turf in Stillwater on Saturday night ready for business.  There would be no “Poke Choke”, no disheartened orange-clad fans leaving in droves midway through the third quarter.  After screaming to a 24-0 lead over shell-shocked Oklahoma just before halftime, OU’s field goal as time expired in the first half only offered the consolation that the Sooners would at least not be shut out, but nothing else as the Pokes cruised to a 44-10 win.


Oklahoma actually looked as if they were attempting to aid Oklahoma State’s dim hope of a road game to LSU for all the gumbo, or marbles.  Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting that really happened, only that this shellacking was on a grander scale than most of us could imagine.  OSU had lost to a .500 Iowa State in double overtime only a couple of weeks before, on an evening following that morning’s news of a tragic plane crash that took the lives of their women’s basketball coach, an assistant coach, the pilot, and his wife.  Mike Gundy and others representing the program have way too much class and tact to suggest that horrific event played any part in their unexpected loss, but logic, and the presence of functional emotions, might suggest otherwise.


We’ll likely soon learn that the Cowboys will have to be satisfied with their first outright conference championship in the post WWII era, and more than just your typical complement of bragging rights in a series that has routinely featured them being embarrassed by big brother, but they’ll probably not earn a shot to deny the SEC their sixth straight national championship, which will leave this team with a lifetime full of what-ifs, at least where football is concerned. But with the orange gold that T. Boone Pickens has poured into the school, and its football program in particular, perhaps we will grow accustomed to a different set of goals in Stillwater.  In years past, a win over Oklahoma would have represented a successful season, whether it were the only win or the eighth.  There is a feeling with this team that a Bedlam win was about a bigger opportunity, one that they may not get this year, but one that is earned by the level of national respect that a win like this will sow the seeds of for years to come.




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