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The Oklahoma Sooners bowed out of the national title hunt early by dropping their Big 12 opener to the Kansas State Wildcats last weekend, thereby ending speculation that they might be a really good football team.  I’m forced to compare any team with title aspirations to the best of the SEC, which by default is the nation’s best.  If Alabama, for example, were to commit as many miscues as Oklahoma did last weekend, well, we’d all be shocked, but it just wouldn’t happen.  The cream of the SEC’s perennially bumper crop does not make mistakes, which is key among reasons they are as dominant as they are.


Back to Oklahoma, which looked out of sync, out of sorts, and ill-equipped to piece together an offensive attack for half a quarter, let alone an entire game.  Landry Jones, by all accounts and outward indications a class act (my disclaimer to say that I still like him), made on-field decisions that would put him in the company of our nation’s elected leaders, but certainly not that of legitimate Heisman contenders.


The Sooner defense held relatively firm, not allowing Wildcats QB Collin Klein to run wild, but not stopping him when it mattered either.  Optimus Klein, as he is known affectionately in his inner circles, pieced together a nice game and, for his part, did nothing to remove himself from trophy talk down the road.


Kansas State appears ready to play more than a spoiler role in the Big 12 this season, but it’s tough to think they have the muscle to go toe-to-toe with an Alabama or LSU at this point, where the d-linemen are at the pinnacle of the human food chain.


So where does this leave the Sooners?  Who knows, but Landry needs to channel his inner Bobby Boucher and visualize his erstwhile go-to (and NCAA career leader in receptions) Ryan Broyles when looking at his current corps of receivers.  Additionally, angry Mike Stoops, thought by many of us to be the missing link in OU’s search for a big-play defense, must figure out a way to share his rage with actual players.

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