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AP pollsters have finally come to their collective senses and admitted that the LSU/Alabama winner, at least for now, figures to have the inside track on the national championship.  The conclusion of the November 5 contest may have gamblers going all in for that winner to take all come January.  LSU essentially had a week off as they proved Wildcats are nothing but a light snack for Tigers, and the Crimson Tide flooded, or trampled, The Swamp with their surfing elephant.


Oklahoma dropped to number three in the AP poll, but retained the top spot in the USA Today version.  The Sooners had a week off of conference play and exacted revenge for last week’s subpar win over Mizzou with a de-feathering of the Ball State Cardinals.  Next week comes a suddenly interesting matchup with the resurgent Texas Longhorns, what with its two-headed quarterback threat and all.  Tempers will flare.  Insults will be thrown.  Regrettable activity will occur.  Then the masses will file into the Cotton Bowl to watch the actual game and bragging rights will be secured for the coming twelve months.


And how about that Nebraska-Wisconsin showdown in Madison?  The Huskers were badgered from the get-go and did not make a game of it for long.  Apparently, the Badgers were but a quarterback away from a good-to-great transition, and he has arrived.  Russell Wilson is all that and a block of cheese.  48-17?  When is the last time you even entertained the thought of a Big 10 team belonging in the discussion at season’s end?  I may be speaking too soon, but this could be the year.


Don’t mistake this for a prediction, but what shall we do at season’s end with an undefeated LSU/Alabama, Stanford, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State/Texas, Wisconsin, and…wait for it…CLEMSON!?  What in the names of Tajh and Dabo are the Clemson Tigers doing so far this year?  These Tigers are not supposed to be especially competitive in their own conference, let alone start picking off good SEC teams (see Auburn).  Sure, they’ll have to get past Georgia Tech and that pesky quadruple-option-with-a-backflip offense of theirs, but they’re acting like they’re serious about being, well, serious.


Now’s as good a time as any to pay our respects to the unbeatens who’ve fallen over the past few days (remember, we must go back at least as far as Thursdays, if not further):


  • #8 Nebraska
  • #10 South Carolina
  • #11 Virginia Tech
  • #12 Florida
  • Interesting note: #13 was Clemson, who knocked off number #11 Virginia Tech, throwing a major wrench in an otherwise really interesting pattern here
  • #14 Texas A&M
  • #15 Baylor
  • #16 South Florida
  • &#*!@ TEXAS LONGHORNS (had to win at #17, or this trend would have kept on rolling)



Wow, you did not want to be ranked between #10 and #16 this past week, unless you’re rollin’ with Dabo, Tajh, and the boys from Death Valley.  Death Valley is cool and all but, if this trend continues, look for them to be renaming that place the Tajh Ma-Dabo.

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