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OK…..I am back from long sabbatical and jumping on the soap box




I realize the pre season rankings stir excitement for college football fans everywhere. The issue that I (and everyone else) should have is, it’s just an educated guess based on returning starters; with a bit of last year’s success thrown in.

Once the season starts there isn’t much, if any, strength of schedule applied to the rankings. The problem is that once an Ohio State or Louisville (for example) starts out the season ranked high, there rarely is common sense applied to their lack of competition, so they remain on their perch until they lose. I used OSU and Louisville as examples; however there are several I could refer to. I “GET” the whole pre season stuff. However, the core issue is three weeks into the season there should be some reality applied, which it is obviously not.

Meanwhile the ANTI SEC sentiment is at an all time high, with the four team play off looming for 2014, it appears the media machine would love to squeeze the SEC out.

Below  are the 2013 AP Pre Season rankings. Below that are the AP Top 10 week 3 results. Just for fun I have given you my Top 10, with a short narrative as to why.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions………

2013 PRE- SEASON                                                                           

1. Alabama                                                                    

2. Ohio State

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Georgia

6. South Carolina

7. Texas A&M

8. Clemson

9. Louisville

10. Florida


Week 3 AP Top 10                                                                        



My Top 10 Week 3

1 Alabama- #1 and reigning champ until someone knocks them off their perch

2 Oregon- The Pac 12 is abysmal, but at this point they have been impressive

3 Stanford- Lack of quality non conference and Pac 12 (see above) none the less they get the benefit of doubt at this stage

4- Clemson- Quality opening win against Top 10 team

5 Georgia- Only team in top 25 to open against Top 10 teams, 1-1 in those matchups.

6 LSU- Opening night win against Top 20 TCU, 2 creampuffs since; we will see.

7 Florida State- impressive in wins against lesser opponents.

8 South Carolina- A quality team that lost close Top 10 game in SEC

9 Texas A&M- Lost barn burner to #1 team

10 Ohio State- I felt like being generous. Abysmal non conference and in weak Big 10, sorry I am just not that impressed.


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