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The Noles are back, baby!  The good folks in Tallahassee might as well start rounding up the RV’s for the trek down I-95 to Miami cuz the Noles are coming for the BCS title game!  All exaggerations aside FSU ran rampant on Clemson in the 2nd half this past weekend.  It wasn’t just the score that was lopsided, it was the overall depth and talent displayed by the Noles.  Plain and simple Clemson didn’t have the ability to keep up with FSU for a full game.  College football is all about who can get the most talent, and with three top-10 classes (and another on the way) Jimbo Fisher and the Noles are certainly on the fast track back to domination.  All anyone wants to talk about now is if FSU can compete with the Alabama’s and LSU’s of the world… I think we should keep the wagon behind the horse on that topic and see how a still relatively young team fares this Saturday when they play their first road game (albeit still within the friendly borders of the Sunshine State) at South Florida.  What we really should be talking about though is how awesome James Wilder Jr’s 80s-style short jersey  was!  That thing had Michael Irvin, Melvin Bratton, Vinny Testaverde and the rest of the ’85 Hurricanes wishing they had style like Wilder Jr.  I know they say fashion comes in cycles, but that’s one cycle that never should’ve left… props to Wilder for bringing it back.

Oregon showed they can play a little D up in the land of the Swoosh as well; the Ducks pitched a complete game shutout vs. the previously undefeated (and mostly untested – sorry but Ok. State at home doesn’t really count as a test) Arizona Wildcats.  Freshman sensation Marcus Mariota continued his impressive start with 260 yds passing and 2 td’s.  The scary thing about this game is that Oregon’s offense wasn’t really that impressive overall – 495 total yards is nothing to laugh at, but my feeling was that they were out of sync most of the night.  Like FSU, the Ducks make their initial road trip of the season this weekend as they head to desolate scenic Pullman, WA to play the Cougars.  It’s a game the Ducks should breeze through but they’ll want to get the offense cranked up if they hope to stay in the hunt for the BCS title game.

Speaking of Wazzou, how about their epic meltdown against the downtrodden Colorado Buffaloes this past weekend?  Leading 31-14 with 8 minutes left in the game, Cougar fans were probably packing up shop and heading indoors for some relief from the smoky air caused by forest fires in the area.  The winless (that’s the nicest way I can describe CU) Buffs had other ideas however.  Converted DE Nick Kasa caught a quick seam route from his TE position and rumbled 70 yards for the tub, RB Tony Jones took an off-tackle run 84 yards to the house, and QB Jordan Webb took a 4th down keeper 4 yards over the left tackle for the game winning touchdown.  For a team that has struggled mightily thus far, that 7-minute stretch might have saved Coach Jon Embree’s job.  Not that beating Wazzou makes you relevant again, but it certainly pumps some fresh air and confidence into a program that has been sorely lacking both.  Congrats Buffaloes!  

In news away from the field, Notre Dame just announced that they’re ending their series with Michigan for the foreseeable future.  A shame it is for such an entertaining rivalry to end, hopefully it isn’t permanent.  These 2 schools are so similar that it makes zero sense to have the rivalry end.  Both are Midwestern colleges with great academic reputations who recruit a lot of the same players.  I guess when Notre Dame recently committed to 5 ACC games per year it spelled doom for at least one of Notre Dame’s great rivalry series’ (USC, Stanford, Michigan State, etc.) but personally I’d have liked to see them drop Stanford or Michigan State before dropping the Wolverines.  Can’t knock the Irish too much though, their schedule is annually one of the toughest in the nation so dropping one Big10 also-ran from the schedule isn’t the end of the world.  And no matter what happens down the line with Notre Dame–Michigan, we’ll always have this

And finally, let’s take a moment and acknowledge the sad state of everyone’s (outside of Tuscaloosa anyways) least favorite tree poisoner Harvey Updyke.  Our man Harvey was arrested this past week in Louisiana for “terrorizing”, not to be confused with “terrorism”.  That’s not your everyday misdemeanor, gotta earn that one!  Apparently he was attempting to return his Black&Decker lawn mower to the neighborhood home improvement store and became enraged when the pimply-faced clerk wouldn’t refund the full $150 Mr. Updyke originally spent on that fine piece of lawn care machinery.  Police were called, but Harvey was not leaving that Lowe’s without his 150 bones.  According to the police spokesman Updyke played the “I’m going to jail anyways” card and refused to leave… until he was slapped with the steel bracelets and tossed in the back of the cruiser that is.  Hey, I don’t see what the big deal is with this guy – he’s just your garden variety Southern football fan.  Maybe the whole “poison some 75 year-old iconic trees” thing was tip-toeing over the line, but is it really that big of a deal?  Plant some new ones, move on with your lives!  Just kidding, I’m sure that ain’t the way it works down south, so let’s toss Harvey in the clink and lose the key.  For shame, wacko Alabama fans, for shame.

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