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When the going got tough in Florida, Urban Myer got going. Initially “Urb” left Gainesville due to personal illnesses, which is completely understandable. He then returned to the Gators after a short time, only to leave them permanently because he “wanted to spend valuable time with his family;” again, completely understandable.  But then Urb decided to spend part of that “valuable time” working for ESPN; which is somewhat understandable considering that it takes far less time to talk about football then it does to head up a top team in the nation; but questionable nonetheless.











Now Urb has done it, after one year of “family time” he is ready to throw the headsets back on and coach ’em up once again, only this time it won’t be on the sidelines of the swamp, but from the chalk of the horseshoe in Columbus. One can easily speculate as to why Meyer decided to leave Florida. Was it his health issues? Maybe things weren’t going well at home; or maybe Urb saw the writing on the wall that the Gator nation was in for a down year or two. I would like to believe the first two rather than the ladder; but I have a feeling Florida fan might disagree.


Why the return to coaching? Maybe that “family time” turned out to be more like a National Lampoon’s Vacation to Wally World instead of an episode of the Brady Bunch. Or maybe it was the reported 6 year deal worth an annual $4 mill that Ohio State threw on the table with a 3/4 sleeve tattoo signing bonus. Either way, Urb is back and in his words, “feeling great!”









Now I’m not a Gator by any stretch, but if I were, I’d be probably be pretty P’ed off. And the worst part for you Florida fan, Urb will win at Ohio State. All the guy has done is win; for 10 seasons as a head cheese, he is 104-23 (2 seasons at Bowling Green, 2 at Utah, and 6 at Florida where he won two BCS titles, and oh yeah he is 7-1 in bowl games.) 

 I’d love to hear the thoughts of you Florida fans. Do you think Urb was trying to save face by dodging a down time in Gainesville? Are you as upset as I think you are? Are you happy for him and wish him success? Please leave your comments below; Gator fan or not.





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  1. jeff says:

    Spot on Craig, although one could make the argument that he won 2 NC with Ron Zook recruits at UF. As a UGA fan I am definetly enjoying this!!!!

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