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Now that the 2012 recruiting cycle is over, I thought it would be interesting to compare previous recruiting rankings versus on the field results. Many times you hear coaches say they don’t follow, or even care about these recruiting rankings. Well, I think they do, some even have incentives for class recruiting rankings. The real problem, if there is one; with these different recruiting sites is their method of player and team evaluations. I find it odd that you can look at ESPN, Rivals, Scout and 247Sports and you will see rankings vary greatly. Outside of the top two or three, you will not see much commonality, thus the dilemma on who’s to believe. If you follow this site, we did a weekly article leading up to National Signing Day. I chose 247Sports for the evaluation because based on my knowledge; they aren’t as influenced by subscriber base as some of the other ones mentioned above.

For this article I chose to use the results from Rivals, simple because it was easier to obtain results from previous classes. Below I have listed the results of the 2008-2011 classes. This gives us a clear picture of a four year cycle of players which came through these programs. I don’t think it will take you long to notice the difference in the haves and the have not’s.

A couple of observations I want to point out. First, is it any wonder Alabama has won the National Championship 2 out of the last 3 years. They finished first 3 times and 5th once according to Rivals. It is also noteworthy to point out that their opponent in this year’s NC game, LSU, finished in the Top10 every year but one, and that was when they ranked eleven. A few other teams that you will notice consistently ranked are in no particular order; USC, FSU, UF, UGA, OU and Texas. I will leave it to you, the reader to judge whether these teams “On Field” results have matched their recruiting.

One last thought I will point out which could very well be considered an indictment on “Oversigning”, which I will try to save for another day. If you do the math for the four year period it becomes glaringly obvious that some are abusers and some aren’t. For those that may not know, the NCAA guidelines state that D-1 schools can have 85 players on scholarship at any given time. Alabama signed 107 players over a 4 year period, LSU signed 101, and FSU signed 104. By comparison, UF signed 85, UGA signed 88, USC signed 88 and Texas signed 87; you be the judge.

Below are team rankings based on Rivals:


                2008  Signees                     2009  Signees                    2010 Signees                  2011Signees

#1           Alabama  32                         Alabama  27                     USC 20                             Alabama 22

#2          Notre Dame 23                          LSU  24                         Florida 28                            FSU 29                         

#3          Florida    22                           Ohio St. 25                          Texas 25                           Texas 22

#4         Ohio St. 20                                  USC  19                           Auburn 32                         USC 30

#5         Miami   33                                Texas 20                           Alabama 26                    Georgia 26

#6        Oklahoma 21                         Georgia 19                                LSU  29                             LSU 22

#7        Georgia   24                                FSU    21                            Oklahoma 29                  Auburn 24        

#8         USC       19                             Michigan 22                              UCLA   23                    Clemson 29

#9         FSU          30                      North Carolina 29                         Tenn.   26                   Oregon  23

#10     Michigan 24                             Tenn.   21                              FSU 24                     Notre Dame 23

#11      LSU     26                               Florida  16                                   Cal. 19                       Ohio St. 23

#12     Clemson 26                         South Carolina 29                    Penn St. 20                  Florida 19

#13      UCLA    23                             Oklahoma 23                         Oregon  23                     Tenn. 27

#14     Texas   20                                  UCLA  27                        Notre Dame 23               Oklahoma 17

#15     Colorado 21                           Miami  19                            Georgia  19                  Nebraska 19


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    Wow, UCLA and Colorado sure have not recovered their investment from the ’08 class!

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