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It might just be the most wonderful time of the year


A couple of extra days off work, a fridge full of leftover bird, cold beer, the wife out shopping, and tons of great football games to soak into your man-hide. Beyond all of the noise and static you constantly hear about the degradation in the world of sports, rivalry weekend symbolizes everything great about sports. You can argue all season with your neighbor about how badly their team sucks, but on the day of reckoning, that dispute will be settled on a football field. Rivalries can divide marriages, friendships, siblings, and entire households. Rivalry weekend is your opportunity to show your pure unbridled hatred for those chumps up state/down wind/next door/cross town/ or wherever they reside and earn bragging rights for the next 364 days.


One of my favorite things about rivalry weekend are the nicknames of the games and the trophies associated with them. Must see games include Alabama @ Auburn (Iron Bowl) If you don’t know this story than see ESPN’s 30 for 30 “War Eagle, Roll Tide.


Oregon State @ Oregon (Civil War for the Platypus trophy. Ducks win and they’re in the first ever PAC12 Championship game ), Pitt @ West Virginia (Backyard Brawl) Both squads are in a race for the Big East BCS automatic bid, Mississippi @ Miss State (Egg Bowl), Washington State @ Washington (Apple Cup) to name a few.








This year there are some new rivalries, some incredibly old ones, and some that are writing their final chapter. One new rivalry game has been a long time coming, and having lived in Nebraska for a short time, I have never heard more trashing talking between fans of schools that don’t even play eachother… until now. Iowa and Nebraska begin a new day after Thanksgiving border skirmish that is sure to be heated. An always heated matchup is Michigan and Ohio State no matter how lop sided “The Games” have been lately it’s entertaining. Texas and Texas A&M have faced one another 117 times, but this year’s Lone Star Showdown will be the last and the bragging rights may last a long, long time as the Aggies ride off into the SEC sunset next year.


Arkansas @ LSU: Not only is the 24 karat 4 ft 175-pound Golden Boot on the line, but if you don’t know the national implications of this game, then you are on the wrong website. 










Some other very noteworthy games include Virginia Tech @ Virginia, Georgia @ Georgia Tech and Clemson @ South Carolina.


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