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Whatever game you might find yourself stumbling home from late on Saturday evening, make sure, you get yourself in front of a television by 10:00 ET for the Cowboys and Golden Hurricane matchup. Why? Well, Instead of drowning your sorrows from your team losing its rivalry game today treat yourself to an uplifting nightcap. Any football game is reason enough for a CFF to tune in, and an instate rivalry game between Oklahoma foes, Okie State vs Tulsa, only sweetens the deal. The game itself should be entertaining, but it’s probably not worthy of me writing a blog about it. Saturday night, like most air-breathing males, you are looking for some excitement, and look no further than Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon to provide some fireworks.


The Oklahoma state wide receiver is something else. “He’s just that special,” Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden tells ESPN.com. Blackmon is looking to extend his NCAA record 14 consecutive games over 100 yards. If you missed last week’s episode, Blackmon dazzled viewers and Arizona defenders with 12 receptions for 128 yards and 2 tubs; and some spin moves that should land him in the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Blackmon created such separation that Weeden probably could have punted it to him. Weeden adds, “If it’s there, you’ve got to take it and there were a couple that were just stealing. I could have closed my eyes and just threw it up there and he was going to catch it. He’s a freak.”


Oklahoma State has some serious talent and might be a dark horse in title talks. They have fire power on the ground with Joseph Randle toting the rock; opening up the passing game for Weeden and Blackmon to run shop on opposing defenses. I would be shocked if the NCAA record is not extended tonight and if Blackmon doesn’t make at least a couple house calls. Pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the show.



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