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Well, this apparently is the “David vs. Goliath” matchup, if you believe the talking heads. I for one am not buying into this theory, in part, because most of the ESPN crowd is in the business of propping up the BCS system and the “Body of Work” mantra. I will save my BCS soap box for another day and another column; I will offer this food for thought though. If the NFL had a BCS type system, would the clearly hottest team, the Green Bay Packers have made the playoffs (using the body of work philosophy)?

Now on to the SEC Championship……

LSU clearly has a powerful, well balanced team, with one of the best defenses in CFB history. Their run first, old fashioned brand of football has dominated opponents all year, with the possible exception being Alabama. Defensively, they are in the top 3 in CFB in every category. LSU has not shown many, if any weakness to date.

UGA has quietly become one of the better teams in the country, after a near disastrous 0-2 start. UGA’s defensive unit is also outstanding, ranked in the Top 5 nationally in every category. Offensively, they deploy a more balanced attack, with Aaron Murray having a record year. After losing AJ Green to the NFL, Georgia has been able to use the WR by committee approach, with six different receivers contributing.

So, everyone has an opinion, and since this is my site I will give you mine. UGA will pull the upset 24-14, without going into all the details as to my “whys”. I offer up the video below of the 2005 SEC Championship Game. Notice the similarities in the rankings; in my opinion, UGA has the MOJO to pull this upset. And one other stat that adds to the MOJO, the past two times Tony Stewart has won the Winston Cup, UGA won the SEC, I’m just saying…

Feel free to offer your comment, Agree/Disagree below….


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