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This is a follow up to my earlier article on the NFL draft. After all is said and done this 2013 NFL draft is in the books.

The NFL draft has a total of seven rounds. The first six are commonly regarded as the most relevant. Often the seventh round is considered the “compensatory” draft. This is not meant to diminish the relevance of the “7th” round; just to inform. After the seventh round has been completed, the signing of “undrafted free agents” begins in hast.

As expected, and predicted in our earlier article; the SEC dominated the 2013 NFL draft. A total of 254 players were selected through seven rounds. At the end of the day the SEC had 25% of the entire 254 players selected. When you stop and think about all the conferences throughout the country, this statistic is really incredible.

Below is a breakdown of players selected by conference. I have also included a breakdown on players drafted by position. As you can see, the NFL was starved for interior lineman.

SEC: 63

Non-FBS teams: 36

ACC: 30

Pac-12: 28

Big 12: 22

Big East: 21

Big Ten: 20

Conference USA: 8

Independents: 7

MAC: 7

MWC: 7

Sun Belt: 4


Quarterback: 11

Running back: 25

Wide Receiver: 29

Tight end: 16

Offensive Line: 40

Defensive Line: 49

Linebacker: 28

Cornerback: 30

Safety: 22

Kickers/punters: 4

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  1. Andrew says:

    Why do I feel the rest of the country looks at us fine Southerners and the SEC as the entire world looks at the USA. Yeah, we are actually smart down here….have great fan bases….great universities…..the know how to hire great coaches….the recruiting base is not to shabby…our women a prettier (just ask Brent). and ya’ll that are not from arond here would never yell, “aint nuthin finer in the land than a drunk loud abnoxious GEORGIA fan.”

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