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To add insult to injury when it comes to the dominance of the SEC; there was little doubt among experts as to which Conference produces the most elite talent.

No one conference in the history of the modern NFL Draft has had over eight players selected in the first 18 picks, the SEC tide that number and added one more, to make nine (9) first round picks from one Conference. All this while not even having a player selected at the No. 1 or No. 2 position.


Below is the list of SEC players selected in Round 1:

No. 3 (Ala)  Trent Richardson, RB, Cleveland Browns
No. 6 (LSU)  Morris Claiborne, DB, Dallas Cowboys
No. 7 (Ala.)  Mark Barron, DB, Tampa Bay Bucs
No. 10 ( SCar.)  Stephon Gilmore, DB, Buffalo Bills
No. 12 (Ms. St.)  Fletcher Cox, DT, Philadelphia Eagles
No. 14 (LSU)   Michael Brockers, DT, St. Louis Rams
No. 17 (Ala.)   Dre Kirkpatrick, DB, Cincinnati Bengals
No. 18 (SCar.)   Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina
No. 25 (Ala.)   Dont’a Hightower, LB, New England Patriots


Totals from each conference after 1st Rd:

  • SEC: 9
  • Big 12: 5
  • Pac 12: 4
  • Big Ten: 4
  • ACC: 3
  • MWC: 2
  • Independent: 2
  • Big East: 2
  • CUSA: 1

Check out this video highlight, courtesy of BleacherReport


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  1. BuLLdawg says:

    Alabama 4
    LSU 2
    South Carolina 2

    That’s SEC dominance; of course Georgia, who has not beat an SEC team with a winning SEC record in any game starting the Kentucky game in 2007, has not beat any team any conference who made any top 25 after Georgia tek in 2009 and who has not beat any team any conference who made any top 10 after Auburn in 2006, has none of these SEC 1st Round Picks.

    Instead, what we have is that the greatest wide receiver in the current Era wants to come coach at UGA but probably doesn’t pray enough to get hired; and, of course we have 7 failed drug tests in the last 6 months alone, 2 bashing arrests (1 of a girl) and a DUI of Mark Richt’s recruits.

    Mark Richt by stark contrast therefore watched this weekend as South Carolina took a self-imposed 6 scholarship probation, while we have only 78 on scholarship ourselves and 3 of those 78 are walk-ons who only played special teams for us which ranked # 80 in the nation. No NCAA Probation would limit us to only 75 scholarships, a reduction of 10 as we speak.

    And, so we stand pat.

    Same Offensive Coordinator we stole from Jacksonville State where he toiled as quarterbacks’ coach.

    Same Strength and Conditioning coach, with yet our 2 best wide receivers both out with hamstrings all Spring, and leads late in games only to lose every game against any team making any top 25 poll, with wins only over cupcakes and 2 teams among the top 48 teams who made 8-win seasons – neither of which made any top 25 poll either.

    Same former QB, teaching Tight Ends here.

    Same former great running back, teaching wide receivers.

    Same former wide receiver, teaching running backs how to hold on to the football and telling us the best running backs cannot block so they will not play.

    Same recruiting coordinator who finds Alabama and Kirby Smart out-recruited us in our own home state.

    Same no Special Teams’ coach, and the 1 who did speak up last week who works part-time as a special teams’ coach, saying how great we are except for a couple of fluke plays against us, with our # 80 special teams nationally.

    And, more bad press on and off the field, mostly by Aaron Murray whom Bleacher Reports, reports today is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Yeah, right with his # 72 in the nation pass completions’ percentage all season 2011 and his 1 yard a carry average in college running the football with 23 fumbles and 22 interceptions and 56 sacks. Oh and to top it all off, AM went 7 for 17 in the G-Day Game against an entire UGA defense who is gone after 2012 a season in which we play 1 team who made any top 25 poll all regular season, and promptly was stated to be the only option at QB with his 0-9 record vs teams who made any top 25 while running up his stats such as 5 TD passes against Louisiana Lafayette.

    I am supposed to be positive about all this, somehow, unspoken as to how that could possibly be.

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