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SECond Chance……


Down go the short-timing number one Kansas State Wildcats.  Down goes the Great West Hope (Oregon Ducks).  Up go the Irish, and the Tide rises (again).   


And just like that, we are assured at least one SEC team in the title game, if not two.  Should Notre Dame somehow fall to the disappointing (depending on your perspective) Trojans, new BCS #3 Georgia and #4 Florida await their shot at the title, ensuring two straight years of SEC vs. SEC title action.  This all begs the question of whether or not this would be an injustice, and I would submit that it would not.  Although it would put a damper on my personal interest in the championship game for the second straight season, I would still suggest that the best two teams should play and the SEC has once again proven itself as the toughest gauntlet of a conference schedule to run through.  So, let’s get back to how all this has come about, or potentially came about.


First of all, the Baylor Bears laid the smack down Saturday night on Kansas State in Waco, seemingly capitalizing on the Wildcats’ being starstruck upon gazing in the mirror and seeing a flashy number one looking back at them.  No, the number one did not last for long, and it’s a shame, too, as Kansas State had been playing well enough to earn it all year long.  Note that the 52-24 victory by Baylor was decisive enough to knock K-State down several notches to #6 in this week’s BCS poll.  Now I’m no historian, but I don’t recall Baylor having a long history of knocking off #1 teams, be it in their own den or on the road.  Despite the loss of the best player in their history (RG III) and boasting a record of 5-5, this still has the appearances of a program on the rise.    


Heading far west, and north, we saw the offensive machine of all offensive machines (Oregon) fail to score 20 points in a 17-14 OT loss to the lone tree (the Stanford Cardinal being one of the few and proud NCAA institutions to feature a mascot of the singular persuasion) on their own Duck turf.  This is after not putting up less than 42 points all season long and surpassing 50 seven times.


So, who figures to have the biggest grin on their face right about now?  After taking a bulldog to a cockfight in early October (in a bad loss vs. South Carolina) and paying a steep price for it, it might be the wrinkled jowls of the Georgia Bulldogs, who may be primed for a title run of their own.  This, of course, makes the ill-advised assumption that they’ll take care of business in the SEC title game against Alabama in about two weeks, which may as well once again be called our national championship game.   

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