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Baylor beats Washington 67 to 56 in an all out firework show.










If you were thinking that the only reason to watch last nights’ Valero Alamo Bowl was to see the reigning Heisman RGIII do his thing, you got more than you bargained for and then some. This game was absolutely freaking bananas!


Robert Griffin III had an average game by his standards (which is still impressive); a casual 24-33, 295 yds, TD, and a rushing TD. Griffin broke off an amazing scramble for a touchdown where he shed several wannabe tacklers that reminded me of the insane run “Touchdown Tommy Frazier” made for Nebraska in their 1996 National Title game against Florida. It was RGIII’s partner in the backfield however that stole the show for Baylor, Terrence Ganaway rushed for 200 yards and 5 TDs. Ganaway ripped off two long ones for 89 yds and the game sealer of 43 yds.


The best QB of the game had to be given to Huskies’ sophomore Keith Price who made of few plays that made RGIII blush. As my colleague Dan Pierson has reported, this kid is something special. In just a year, Price has Washington fans forgetting about Jake Locker. In the game Price was 23-37, 438 yds, 4 TDS, 3 Rush TDS. But it wasn’t quite enough to outlast the Bears at the Alamo.



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  1. BB says:

    I thought this was a televised offensive practice for both teams and that the defenses were not allowed to participate. Any way you slice it, not an Alamo Bowl that will soon be forgotten.

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