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This is for all the recruitniks out there that follow this as closely as you follow your team in the fall.

Are you ever confused by the many different recruiting rankings you hear thrown about? My gosh, we have Rivals, ESPN, Scout, 247Sports, who are we suppose to believe.



As I have discussed before and put forth in a June 12th article titled “Recruiting sites exposed”. Scout.com recruiting site guru Tom Lemming offered this quote up.

“If the top 10 schools offer a kid, he is a 4-star or 5-star,” Lemming said. “It comes down to offers, not ability. Look at the NFL draft. How many 5-star players are selected in the first round? Not many. Recruiting ratings are arbitrary, just one way to rate players.”

So…..who are we supposed to believe???? The important thing to understand is tracking CFB recruiting is a BIG business. The entire aforementioned sites offer paid subscriptions to get the “insider info”.  There are also some studies that show that 50% of the so called 5 star recruits never even letter at their school. The real measure of the 2013 class will be quantified in 2015-2017.

So now we have an article put forth by M. Shannon Smallwood of rantsports.com that uses a totally different formula of ranking this year’s class. Below is an excerpt and link to complete list of rankings. Judging by the previous quote from recruiting guru Tom Lemming, this formula could be just as accurate as any of the rest.

Each team gets to multiply the number of recruits signed today by 2, multiply by 25 the number of Five-Stars, multiply by 10 the number of Four-Stars and multiply by 5 the number of Three-Stars. Add that number together and you get a quick look at who did the best and who did the worst.

What’s your thoughts….

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