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So, here is the deal. I know that it’s important to have player safety, but are we going to sacrifice the integrity of the game? Let’s be real, Football is a violent, collision sport; that is one reason I believe that viewership is at an all time high. It is the closet thing to modern day gladiators that we have; it is not an accident that an NFL pre-season game has more viewers than a pennant race baseball game.

So last week an Ole Miss defensive back ( Trae Elston) laid the wood to a UTEP  WR coming across the middle. The play did not draw a penalty during the game. However, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, in his infamous wisdom has decided to suspend Trae for their upcoming game with Texas for the hit.

I will let you be the judge on the hit; however, I can’t help but offer my opinion. I believe it was an awesome CLEAN hit, to the upper torso, in no way going for the head.

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  1. DP says:

    clean hit. i honestly think the people who dole out punishment for hits like these have never played the game. it’s a joke

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