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While I cannot say that I have been a staunch BCS supporter all along, I will say this – now is the time of year when it actually creates the instant drama that we feed on from here on out.  With top teams jockeying for position in the BCS pecking order, it will go as far as to make crack-smoking Sooner fans like myself (metaphorically speaking for me, but probably some in the literal sense as well) torture ourselves by concocting scenarios in which our beloved one-loss team can work itself back into the mix with the real contenders.


Speaking of the contenders, for those about to (continue to) rock, we salute you.  That’s right, I just dropped some AC/DC on you, just like that.  What I’m saying is, to those teams in the driver’s seat who will actually see this thing through to the end, I’m giving it up to you right here and now.  Better said, to either Alabama or LSU, here’s to you, because everyone else’s knees will buckle under the pressure like a sophomore nerd on a date with the hottest girl in the senior class.  But you (Tide or Tigers), you’ll be there in the end, assuming the two of you don’t kill each other, and assuming the Honey Badger can lay off the swamp spliff long enough to finish off this season on the field.


Of course, someone will have to play the winner of these two squads to complete the mere formality that has been the BCS National Championship Game the past few seasons.  If Oklahoma State, Clemson, Stanford, and Kansas State all stumble once down the stretch, who’s to say Alabama and LSU couldn’t square off again in the final match?  Right now you may be saying, “but what about Boise State”, which is a fair question.  It is very possible that Boise finally gets its shot against one of those elite SEC squads if the others have one loss each.


You have to think there is a good shot that Okie State and K-State could both go down to the suddenly motivated Sooners.  You also have to acknowledge that Stanford could succumb to a Duck assault.  I’m not sure what to think of Clemson, other than they give up a ton of points but keep on winning with Tajh, Dabo, and the boys.  All of this, of course, would leave Boise as the last blue man standing, which might be just what we need to bring some long overdue objectivity into this raging debate of Boise versus the establishment of college football.  They’re like a collective Tim Tebow.  Love ‘em, hate ‘em, nothing in between.


Let’s consider a matchup of Boise versus LSU, for example.  LSU fans won’t want to admit this, but out of eight (8) games played so far this season, only two (2) teams have scored more than eleven (11) points against the Bayou Bengals.  Those two teams would be Oregon and West Virginia, with twenty-seven (27) and twenty-one (21) respectively.   The Mountaineers’ football spent more successful time in the air vs. LSU than the average West Virginia miner has spent above ground his entire life.  My point is this – while either Bama or LSU may indeed run the table and hoist the crystal ball in January, they represent a very top-heavy conference, the majority of whose teams are very susceptible to defeat at the hands of “good” teams from other conferences.  Boise handled Georgia rather easily, and Georgia may be in line to win the SEC East.  Teams from other conferences, on opposite sides of the country, have been the most successful to date against the (deservedly) vaunted LSU defense.  If Boise goes down in the title game to an LSU, but can manage to play them in a respectable fashion, then they may prove they are just as good or better than most of the SEC, which does nothing to bolster the argument of “well, they could not survive a week-in, week-out SEC schedule” because, guess what, neither can you.


Being from Oklahoma, I’m probably most curious to see if Oklahoma State can close this deal out and win the conference.  While Oklahoma’s defense may be better overall, they’ll have them in Stillwater, if they can survive Baylor, Texas Tech, and Kansas State prior to that.  Traditionally, Oklahoma State has geared up to play the Sooners like there was no other game on their schedule, and a win against them was the epitome of success for player and fan alike, even if they didn’t post another win the entire season.  This Oklahoma State team, however, actually seems like they realize that not only are other teams on the schedule, but that by beating all those teams, that makes them look really good on the national scene.  Even in the worst-case scenario, the Poke Choke has been forestalled for much longer than usual.


Enough people are guessing about the outcome of this season that some will be right, but I’m just going to try to enjoy the ride, at least as long as I have the hope of Lloyd Christmas in my heart – “So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance”.

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