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This is for all of our RECRUITNIKS out there. Please remember that we are following 17-18 year old kids. I know how passionate people can be over their favorite program, I get it. However, someone needs to be the adult and realize that these are still just YOUNG men and sometimes they do silly stuff and yes, sometimes they change their mind.

Case in point….

 It was a matter of time before Michigan commit Logan Tuley-Tillman began seeing the repercussions of his social media actions.

 Tillman made it about as clear as possible he would not be signing with Ohio State by setting a piece of their recruiting mail aflame. To drive the point home, Tillman took a picture of the burning literature and posted it on Twitter.

As one might expect, that didn’t sit too well with some OSU fans. Tillman, an offensive lineman from Peoria, Ill., told Yahoo! Sports he has received “a couple of death threats” following the tweet.

“And they’ve been sending my mom messages on Facebook,” Tillman said. “I just told her you can’t listen to it because it’s one of the biggest rivalries in sports.”

Tillman was also on the receiving end of some Ohio State hate while attending a Nike camp in Columbus, when the lineman wore a Michigan hat in a local mall.

“I was up there and the fans were cussing me out and they were saying ‘(expletive) you’ and stuff like that while I was walking through the mall,” said Tillman. “It wasn’t like in my face. They were like saying things and then would power walk away. One of them actually threw something at me, but it didn’t hit me. So, that’s how it started.”

Clearly, some people need to get a grip on recruiting and the shenanigans of some high school kid. There is no excuse for a death threat, but Tillman’s apparently okay with stirring the pot and whatever expletives are thrown his way as a result.

So guys, if you are following your teams recruits on Facebook or Twitter, and get the urge to respond to something he has said or done. Take a moment and PLEASE remember who the adult is.

Portions of article taken from NBCSports.com

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