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A Saturday date with Texas A&M on Bama’s own turf is likely one of only two serious roadblocks (if that is even appropriate to say by game’s end) between the Tide and yet another title game, the other being the SEC title game.  Save for LSU last week, Alabama has been on autopilot thus far this season, and they are likely anxious to keep rolling by welcoming A&M quarterback Johnny Football and the rest of the Aggies to Bryant-Denny Stadium.  I’ve seen enough of Saban and the Tide to last me several decades, but I’m also a realist, and I’m comfortable putting them in the main event right now based on their body of work this year. 


The Aggies, for their part, have only given up as many as 20 points in a game twice, aside from the shootout they had in a 59-57 win over Louisiana Tech of all opponents.  It’s not likely they’ll hold the Tide to 20 or less, and it may be even more daunting of a task to post as many as 20 against Alabama.  In their two losses, Texas A&M scored just 17 against Florida and 19 against LSU, which may portend a similar or worse fate against Bama.  However, if A&M should wind up with three conference losses in their inaugural SEC season, and those are Bama, Florida, and LSU (the latter two by very slim margins), it’s likely they’ll be feeling pretty good about things.


After Bama, should they fulfill their obligation to have at least one SEC unbeaten, it’s a race for second place, which will provide at least a shot at first place, for a Kansas State, Oregon, or Notre Dame, assuming one of those three can likewise run the table.  If the Ducks can win out and win their conference title game, their strength of schedule (as of now, #14 Stanford and #11 Oregon State remain) may push them ahead of the Silver Fox and his Kansas State Wildcats, which would have them quacking happily and possibly awaiting a date with Alabama.  It’s always exciting when ducks and elephants get together, so that’d be something to look forward to. 


However, should all three of these teams happen to stumble during this stretch run, no less than four more SEC teams, including two two-loss squads in LSU and South Carolina, are poised to make it a second straight all-SEC affair.  In all honesty, such an occurrence would cause my college football fanhood to be in jeopardy, but may the best two play for the win, and if it’s the Hatfields and McCoys again this time around, so be it. 

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