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And let me take some Longhorn hides with me!  Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and the rest of the swag-tastic Mountaineers strutted into Darrell K. Royal Stadium on Saturday night ready for their first Big-12 road game.  Playing under the lights in Austin is a wee-bit different than strapping on the pads in Papa John’s Stadium, but WVU was more than ready for what they were about to encounter.  It’s often said in sports that a player\team has a certain look to them when they’re truly “ready” for a game.  Well in most cases my experience has been that is a bunch of bologna… oftentimes it’s just a player\team putting up a false sense of confidence to hide the fact that they just crapped their pants.  However, in the case of Dana Holgorsen’s players on this particular evening there was zero false confidence; the 2012 Mountaineers are obviously a veteran team that fears none and can’t wait to prove it.  This much was evident right from the opening kickoff, as WVU set up their blocks beautifully on the return and sprang the aforementioned speedster Tavon Austin for a 44-yard runback… 5 plays later the scoreboard read 7-0 WVU and there was no looking back.  When stud sophomore running back Andrew Buie scored his 2nd rushing TD of the game with 1:18 left in the game, the celebration on the Mountaineer sideline wasn’t so much of a team “happy” to win, but rather a group of players who unequivocally expected to go into the Longhorns’ house and pound them.  Performing that well in surroundings as intimidating as Texas is pretty exceptional – regardless of your opinion of how good this year’s Texas team is.  As Holgorsen put it, “I can’t say enough of how proud I am for these guys to come into this environment, which is a strange environment.  I’ve never seen this place like that…it was loud tonight.  For us to be able to overcome that was something that was pretty cool.”

The leadership on this team is special, most of it coming from their extraordinary QB.  I recently read an ESPN article that mentioned after their win over Baylor, Smith mentioned that he’d be “celebrating” by eating some dinner and watching film of Texas’ defense.  In the age of “tattoos-for-cash”, “boosters-gone-wild”, “Bayou-Bengal-bar-fights”, etc. how refreshing is Geno Smith?  In that same ESPN article, Smith explained that he’s far from the most physically talented player out there so he compensates by using film-study and the teachings of his coaches to gain advantages.  Old-school ideas in a new-school world.  Against Texas, Smith was admittedly not at his best but didn’t dwell on his mistakes (2 fumbles) and instead kept moving to the next play and found success (4 TD passes).  Smith said it himself, “They put me under duress a bit.  I just get up and continue to play.”  When your best player is also your hardest worker and best leader, amazing things can happen for a team; that appears to be what is happening in Morgantown right now.  Tough tests are still certainly in store for the Mountaineers as they still have to face Kansas State and Oklahoma, but they have the luxury of playing both teams in the confines of their blue-and-gold stadium









I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds for this West Virginia team.

P.S. – is Dana Holgorsen actually Roy Munson???







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  1. Naomi says:

    Even as a diehard TX fan I can appreciate Geno Smith. You said it best. He’s refreshing!

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