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You’re likely thinking this post is all about Sooners and Longhorns, but you would be mistaken.  No, this is about a Texas-size meltdown by the head coach of Texas Christian University.  I happen to be (or happen to have been) a fan of Gary Patterson, but his Tuesday outburst, following Saturday’s overtime loss to the Mustangs of cross-town rival Southern Methodist University, is unbecoming of the head coach of a school and a team that has slowly earned significant respect over the past several seasons.


Patterson was apparently offended by SMU head coach June Jones’ remark that TCU hasn’t changed much over the years, coupled with an SMU wide receiver’s jab about not liking “these TCU people”.  Apparently, Gary thought June was suggesting TCU makes for an easy game plan due to their lack of evolution in style of play.  These remarks, combined with what Patterson viewed as subpar officiating by a Conference USA crew, has resulted in a Texas tantrum by a Texas Christian.  Incidentally, June went on to tell Sally how much he hated Gary, and that he and Gary would never be friends anymore; well, at least not until after fourth hour, and only if Gary sends June a note that says he’s sorry for being, like, so mean to June.  Sally went on to tell all the girls in the bathroom about Gary being so rude and, like, most of the girls don’t like Gary anymore, except for Samantha, but that’s only ‘cause Samantha likes bad boys.


Patterson claims he and his program have bent over backward to help their traditional foe in all manner of ways, but that the days of benevolence are history.  Gary Patterson will no longer be helping out SMU, no sir, no not never (my niece used to say “no not never”, but it was really cute when a 2 year-old girl said it; not so much a 51-year-old man).  By the way, he did actually employ the third person during his rant, which, in my opinion, gives an interesting account of a man.


Give me a freakin’ break with the junior high drama, Gary!  You have put in a Yeoman’s effort in your resurrection of a program whose glory days were about a millennium ago, so please don’t throw it all away over a single game in a rebuilding year.  Most coaches would have been long gone, now coaching a major school in a major conference, but you had the integrity and the loyalty to don the purple over and over again, putting your own stamp on the program and owing no credit to tradition.  For the sake of proud horned frogs everywhere, pull it together, man.


Could this be the beginning of a holy war in the metroplex?  Stay tuned…


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  1. DP says:

    yeah big-time overreaction…. June Jones actually meant his comment as a compliment, one that any coach should be proud to receive. I guess Patterson was just a little bitter from the beat down SMU put on his team.

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