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Top punter selected





I think we’ve all heard quite enough about the quarterbacks picked with the first two spots in the 2012 draft, when what we’re really geeked up about is that the third round saw the first punter selected when the Jaguars took the Cal Bears’ Brian Anger with the 70th overall pick.  With a name like Anger, he’s sure to bring a much-needed ferocity to the Jags’ kicking game. 


And while on topic, we should probably take some time to reflect on just how important a top-flight punter can be to his team.  A former Division II walk-on third string punter-who-never-saw-the-field myself, I for one truly appreciate the commitment, the discipline, the drive, the passion that a punter must bring to work each and every day for the betterment of his team.  Let’s take Mr. Anger, for example.  With an average net punting yardage of 43.5 per attempt, and at 4.2 attempts per game, he was himself responsible for 182.7 yards of field position every Saturday (or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or whenever ESPN can squeeze in another college contest).  Take that over 13 games, and you’ve got an eye-popping 2,375 yards for the season!  Yes, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking – why we’ve yet to see a pure punter win the Heisman is absurd and, frankly, quite prejudiced in my estimation.  Visit www.puntersforequitabletreatmentincollegefootballandstuff.com to join the battle.



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