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Yes, you’ve  heard about the SEC’s dominance yet again, most recently related to the NFL draft, which has taken quite kindly to those southern folk in recent years.  However, this was not always the case.  In fact, if you scour the annals of draft history, such as you might find over at www.drafthistory.com, you would note that only Tennessee appears in the top 10 of total draft picks selected from individual schools over the years.  My expert analysis of this points me to the notion that this is due in large part to the way people-that-didn’t-look-like-other-people-thought-they-should-look were treated in the world of college football at the time.  If the playing field were level going all the way back to the dawn of the draft (sounds like an NFL Films title…), you would likely find that those numbers would look markedly different.  Oh, by the way, since you’re undoubtedly a curious learner, as am I, you’ll want to know that USC boasts the most draft picks overall with 480. 

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