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Let me start by stating clearly I am all about player safety.





With that out of the way, let me also say this is FOOTBALL. It is by its very nature a violent sport. It is in many ways similar to NASCAR in the fact that people tune in to see wrecks and violent collisions. And if the powers that be continue to eviscerate our game, it will suffer the same fate that is befalling NASCAR.


For those of us that grew up playing and developing a passion for this game unmatched by many things in life, this transformation is painful to watch.


In many ways sports become a microcosm of where we are as a society. This is where it is my belief that football is just another byproduct of a society that is hell bent on emasculating men as a whole. You are welcome to disagree with me, however, look around and honestly tell me that this is not what is happening in our society. Strong male leaders that speak their mind are a dying breed and our often lambasted by the “PC” police.


It is apparent after watching Saturday’s action that saw three different players ejected for “targeting” calls that were clearly what most watching would say were clean hits. The game is being played at such high speeds and players are trying to make split second decisions on were to hit an opposing player. Once again, let me be clear, I “get” helmet to helmet hits being called, but every one of the ejections from yesterday’s action were not helmet to helmet.


Hey, I am just a guy with a blog. But I can’t sit ideally by while the game I love is destroyed without at least speaking my mind……..




Below are the three hits that warranted ejections. There was a fourth targeting call on UGA linebacker Ramik Wilson that was overturned by review. However, in that instance the 15 yard penalty gave the opposing team (Vandy) new life. Who on the Rules Committee thought this brilliant idea up; overturn the call, but the penalty still stands. That is really a head scratcher…..



Link to Florida DB Cody Riggs ejection hit.



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  1. Aladawg says:

    Right on. If this isn’t fixed it will destroy the game by shutting off fan interest.

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