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Just in case some of you where in hibernation mode this past week. Tuesday marked the end of the Stephen Garcia era at The University of South Carolina. The following is my opinion/editorial on the, for lack of better term “Garcia affect”.

Stephen Garcia was a 5th year senior and had already graduated with his degree this past spring. The Carolina Nation fully expected Garcia to lead this team to the promised land, their first SEC Title. Why wouldn’t they, after all, he had just lead them (along with a lot of help from a RB named Lattimore) to their first SEC east title EVER. Well, as we all know, things sometimes don’t work out as planned.

Stephen had been suspended five times during his career at Carolina. Now, at this point I will throw my disclaimer in. I do not condone the actions of Garcia; however I will say that some of these incidents certainly were more serious than others.

The world now stands in judgment of Stephen Garcia for not living up to his potential. I would offer up that in the end his demise was a product of the very thing that made him a success. Stay with me now…

In the 24/7 instant news world in which we live in, where an entire fan base hangs on every word or tweet of an 18-21 year old male, you have to question; what did we expect?

Now to expound on his demise; what made Garcia a great leader and a guy his teammates rallied around is the same universal traits for any great college football athlete. He was very flamboyant and had an abundance of cockiness and swagger, and last but not least he is like every other male 18-21, he had testosterone to burn. Where Stephen got in trouble is quite frankly where a lot of young males get in trouble, he didn’t always know how to harness this testosterone and channel it to just the football field. Stephen finally complied with the ole ball coaches wishes and cut his hair and shaved. In retrospect, one has to wonder, was this akin to Sampson getting his locks lopped off?

Now at this point, you might question why I am defending his actions. Well, I don’t believe I am, just offering up a different perspective. I for one do not have a solution to what happened, or what happened in the similar case with Jordan Jefferson. However, in closing I would offer up one tidbit that would help Coaches sleep better at night. The NCAA, several years ago instituted a rule that basically made it illegal to house athletes together or segregate them. They should abolish this rule and allow players to house in one dorm facility. Division 1 programs have 125 players and yet these coaches and their staffs are somehow supposed to be able to know what they are doing at all times.

Feel free to give your opinions below….


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  1. DP says:

    the “athlete’s dorm” rule should’ve never been canned…. I know some people think it’s preferrential treatment or whatever, but the reality is that athletic dorms do help coaches keep a better (albeit still not great) eye on their players

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