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Even the most casual observer of College Football has heard the announcers or someone allude to the fact that BIG MO has swung. So just what is this BIG MO and how can it affect so many games. I will attempt to describe it as best I can in words; however the videos below are offered up as examples of BIG MO in action.

This BIG MO or momentum is seen, and more importantly felt at the High School and College level, more than in pro sports. In most cases, because you are dealing with young men, who are still trying to master their emotions and are playing a very emotionally driven game. As stated earlier, this BIG MO may not be visible; however it is none the less very tangible and can be felt by even the casual spectator. While watching the SEC Championship and ACC Championship yesterday, there were pivotal moments where BIG MO reared its head. The ensuing results were dramatic; turning what was very close games into blow outs.


Exhibit A in The SEC Championship game: UGA held a 10-0 lead and had missed several opportunities to widen the lead. Late in the 1st half, LSU’s incredible CB and punt returner Tyrann Mathieu returned a punt 62 yards for a TD and LSU never looked back, going on to a 42-10 win.


Exhibit B in The ACC Championship game: Leading 17-10 in a very close game between Virginia Tech and Clemson. Clemson’s Tajh Boyd threw a 53 yard TD pass to Clemson’s freshman phenom Sammy Watkins midway through the 3rd Qt., Clemson would go on to win easily 38-10



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