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Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney is turning heads and taking names as his Tigers look to stay unbeaten


He once taught his Irish setter to bark in Portuguese. Instead of rubbing Howard’s Rock before games, his players rub his head for good luck. He once called 4 consecutive kneel downs inside his own 10 yard line to get his defense ON the field. He once had a tap in putt for double eagle on a par 3. If he sees a penny, he picks it up… and replaces it with a $20. Vallet parkers have been known to intentionally lose his keys in hopes he will chew them out. He is… the most interesting football coach in the world. He doesn’t always coach football, but when he does, his Tigers win. Stay unbeaten my friends.


The Tigers are 5 and 0 so far this season and are playing with an attitude that reflects their coaches personality. They are coming off three straight impressive wins including the defending national champions Auburn, ascending Florida State, and ACC champions Virginia Tech. Clemson is threatening to throw a wrench in the BCS mix, but face large hurdles with road games at Georgia Tech and South Carolina remaining on their schedule; and not to mention a history of playing to their competition to weaker teams. Saturday they will face a 1 and 4 Boston College team that has upset alerts buzzing.   



Dabo Swinney took the reins as interim head coach of the Clemson football program in 2008 when the Tommy Bowden era came to a screeching halt. Under Bowden, the Tigers showed annual flashes of potential to crack the national rankings but could never reach the pinnacle; in large part because of their inability to win the “should win” games after big wins. Swinney, who was a receivers coach under Bowden, has brought a unique blend of motivation and a “come get some” swagger to Death Valley unseen since the Danny Ford days. Dabo is a fiery, in your face kind of guy, who spends his off season as a motivational speaker to bankers and other suit wearing types. On Saturdays though, he is the kind of coach you want your kid to play for. Can the Tigers stay unbeaten? We shall see.



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  1. BB says:

    Four months after conception, he used Morse code to thump the name he chose for himself on his mother’s womb, followed by a sustained chant of “D-E-F-E-N-S-E”.

  2. Dan says:

    Dabo is the man!!!!

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