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When you look at the numbers the SEC is as dominant in the NFL as they are in the NCAA. Greatness stems from greatness and the SEC is well represented in the NFL. The SEC currently leads all other conferences for producing NFL talent, the talent-rich SEC has produced 386 players currently on NFL rosters before cuts are made for the regular season. Compared to the ACC, who has the second most at around 310, the SEC has almost 20 percent more players in the league than any other conference.


In this years draft the SEC had the most players selected with 38, with LSU and Georgia leading the way with six each, which only widens the gap between conferences. The talent across the SEC is evenly dispersed, each team from the SEC has at least 12 players currently in the NFL and no team has more than 52. LSU has 52, while Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida have 45, 43, and 42 respectively.


LSU:   52 (Giants/Chiefs – 4)

Tennessee:   45 (Saints – 4)

Georgia:   43 (Bengals – 6)

Florida:   42 (Bills/Raiders/Patriots – 4)

Auburn:   40 (Chargers/Panthers/Raiders – 4)

Alabama:   32 (Chiefs – 4)

Ole Miss:   29 (Chiefs – 4)

South Carolina:   27 (Falcons/Panthers – 3)

Arkansas:   23 (Packers – 3)

Mississippi State:   21 (Eagles/49’ers – 2)

Kentucky:   20 (Broncos – 3)

Vanderbilt:   12 (Bears – 4)


Look at how evenly distributed the NFL has SEC players;



AFC East:   48 SEC players (8 – Florida)

AFC North:   50 SEC players (10 – Georgia)

AFC South:   38 SEC players (7 – LSU)

AFC West:   63 SEC players (10 – Auburn)

NFC East:   44 SEC players (14 – LSU)

NFC North:   48 SEC players (8 – LSU)

NFC South:   56 SEC players (9 – Georgia)

NFC West:   39 SEC players (6 – LSU)


It seems that the AFC East has a particular affection for the SEC as well. 

With the prospect of the SEC becoming a super conference with the addition of Texas A&M and another school the SEC may really start to pull away.

-Brandon Pledger-

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  1. DP says:

    strikes me as funny that the Broncos have the most players from UK…. no wonder we suck, we’re the only NFL team to take players from the worst SEC team. hahaha

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