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Last night’s BCS Championship game was anticlimactic to say the least…


With this epic win Alabama cemented itself as one of the great dynasties of the College Football world. And along with their win continued the strangle hold that the SEC has in college football (Seven in a row for those counting). Over the next few days there will be many talking heads try to dissect WHY the SEC continues to be the bully of the block.


To me there are many variables at play; from socio-economics in the south, to just plain “speed kills”,all would be correct to a degree. However, the simple fact of the matter is the biggest, strongest, fastest players predominantly reside in the southeast.

 It has long been established in recruiting circles that you need to be able to get the majority of your player base from a roughly 100 mile radius from your campus; I still believe this to be true. So, with that said, you will always have the occasional players from the south that go to Notre Dame or Ohio State (plug in school here). BUT, to truly see the effect of overall team speed at ALL the positions, you need not look any farther than last night’s drubbing that Notre Dame suffered; they were clearly outmatched to a man.

So, The MOJO (SEE DEFINITION BELOW) will continue for the SEC for possibly years to come……

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  1. BB says:

    Outmatched they were, my friend! I found myself trying to think of the players ND had who could see the field were they playing for Bama. To me, their tight end was a very good player and likely could be for any team. One or two of their wideouts were pretty good, as they could get deep on Bama d-backs from time to time. Their QB is a very good athlete and could turn into a great QB. Aside from that, what we all thought MIGHT be their “fighting” chance was the d-line, and they were exposed worse than any group out there for ND.

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