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No one over the age of two has avoided a situation that has called for choosing the lesser of two perceived evils.  Early on in life, it may have been something like “should I load my pants now and feel relieved yet have to deal with the stench, or do I suffer and hold it until I know Mom will change me right away?”.  Later in life, we may be faced with the classic “do I circle the parking lot for a half-hour to avoid walking an extra seventy-five feet to the store, or do I take this spot that’s available now and will my body to make the fifteen-second haul to the front door?”.  While not an earth-shattering situation by any stretch, the outcome of last weekend’s college football action left those of us who care in a bit of a conundrum.  With Alabama dropping only one spot to third in the latest BCS rankings, there now stands the real possibility of seeing round two of Saturday’s showdown with top-ranked LSU.  Yes, it may be as simple as Stanford going down to a very good Oregon squad and Oklahoma State dropping it’s 900th game to Oklahoma.  Now the question is, do we really want to see that?


Some of you immediately thought “yes”, and others may have been quick to tell yourself “no”.  Some may have already forgotten what the question was (I’m not poking fun.  I, too, suffer from CRS).  Like many matters, I find myself sitting uncomfortably, yet perfectly positioned, on the fence, which calls for a little pro-con discussion in my estimation.  While this may fail to come to fruition in the end, and it’s firmly out of our control, let’s hash some of them out anyway, shall we?


Should we want to see another Bama-LSU matchup?



-If they finish the season ranked #1 and #2, that’s the end of the story; enough said.

-There is not an offense in the land that can score sufficiently against either of these defenses, so why bother?

-Not only is this year’s championship being decided in the SEC, but it’s in the same division to boot.  No need to venture above the Mason-Dixon line or west of the mighty Miss. to find someone to wipe the field with.

-When is the last time a non-SEC team has won it all anyway?  I think Coolidge was in office.

-It could very well be the shortest title game in collegiate history.  Run ball…try not to fumble…tick-tock, tick-tock, repeat.

-Haven’t we already seen the best the Pac-12 has to offer against LSU?  Why bother.



-At some point, this run of SEC dominance has got to come to a close (I think).  We’ll never know if this could have been the year had another team not had a chance to prove it.

-I love a hard-hitting game as much as the next guy, but if there is more entertainment value in a Les Miles post-game conference than the game itself, maybe we should throw some excitement into the contest with a team that emphasizes offense (see point #2 under “pros”).

-Can LSU or Bama really slow down an offense as explosive as, say, an Oklahoma State?  (allow me to answer that for myself: yes)

-Why not an Oklahoma, or Oregon, as a one-loss team?  I’m afraid I know the answer to that as well.  Oregon had their chance on day one and melted down in championship fashion.  Whereas Alabama may have lost a home game, it was to #1 in a game that was decided on leg positioning being off by a fraction of a degree (4 missed field goals), and Oklahoma went down at home to unranked Texas Tech.  Spare me, fellow Sooner fans.  Believe it or not, Tech was actually subject to the same weather delay as OU, so move down your list for something at least a step closer to legitimacy.

-We, as the rest of the country, need to have a reason to stay interested, right?

-Ah, I knew the idea to end all ideas would come to me eventually, and it has arrived:  We create an all-star team comprised of the premier players from all of college football outside of the SEC, and let that team play the SEC champion to decide the national championship (after sufficient practice time, of course)!


Finally, my chefs-d’oeu·vre (look it up) of an idea.  Now plead your case at will.

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