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If you spend any time at all driving around the great state of Oklahoma, you’re likely to begin to notice a rather odd phenomenon.  Well, you might argue that you’d notice several, but bear with me here.  Frequently accompanying University of Oklahoma markings on cars, t-shirts, motor homes, boats, and other surfaces suitable for displaying college pride, one will find an official University of Texas Longhorns sticker, intentionally turned upside down.  Why would this be, you might ask?  Although I, too, am among the ranks of the Sooner faithful, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand either, but I’ll attempt to dissuade the further practice of this absurdity for those willing to listen.  For the rest of you, please be patient while I spend the remainder of my time here addressing my fellow Sooner fans.


Need I remind anyone that Oklahoma actually has a program that holds up quite well on its own, without bringing Texas along for the ride?  Since it is Texas, in fact, that Oklahoma fans have faithfully supported for years by this overt gesture, let’s brush up on our football history as it concerns the two programs:


Consensus National Championships: Oklahoma, 7; Texas, 4

Conference Championships: Oklahoma , 43; Texas, 32

Heisman Trophy Winners: Oklahoma, 5; Texas, 2


Now, can you find some nice stats to prove Texas’ worth among the game’s great programs, and that they more than hold their own in the rivalry itself?  Absolutely, and that’s part of my two-pronged argument (cool office jargon I’ve learned over the years).  For example, Texas owns a 59-41-5 advantage over Oklahoma in head-to-head competition, which cannot be ignored.  They also rank higher in all-time wins, holding the number two spot, with Oklahoma ranking eighth.


Dearest Oklahoma fan, would you be interested at all to know that, through your faithful purchases of Longhorns merchandise, you’ve helped The University of Texas claim the #1 spot for the fifth straight year on the Collegiate Licensing Company’s list of top-selling member institutions and manufacturers?  Congratulations!  That’s great.  I’m so thrilled that my fellow fans are sending royalty cash to Austin to be put to good use in facility upgrades, recruiting, or whatever else they choose to spend it on that will give them a leg up over Oklahoma.  For the love of Pistol Pete, stop it!


I trust I’ve at least given you cause for pause, but I’m afraid my influence stops there.  However, I’ll press on and plead yet another hopeless case concerning the Texas Longhorns.  Although your checkbook will suggest otherwise, Sooner fan, you love to long for the day when the Longhorns lose each and every game they play, failing to realize that the only chance for a strong conference lies with strong teams.  Don’t you understand that the SEC is not the SEC because of Alabama, or LSU, or Florida, or Auburn, or any other single team?  The SEC is the SEC because of Alabama, AND LSU, AND Florida, AND Auburn, AND the other member institutions that have recently helped it dominate the college football landscape.


If the scarred remains of the Big 12 are to yet again build a power conference, it actually plays in your favor, Sooner fan, for Oklahoma to NOT be the only marquee team.  You see, when Oklahoma meets Texas each year in the Cotton Bowl, it (shockingly) helps Oklahoma if Texas is highly ranked and poised to make a run of their own at bigger things.   I realize I am about to go way too far for most of you with this one, but here goes – it would have helped build conference credibility had Texas defeated Alabama a couple of years ago and claimed a national championship.  I am a dreamer, but I do dabble in the pragmatic arts, so I’ll grant you here that I’m asking too much for most fans.  Please, just give this all some consideration and, if you can’t go so far as to get onboard for a Longhorn title run, I’m cool with that , so long as you realize that we fans should really not want to see the complete demise of all conference foes.  A strong Oklahoma, AND Texas, AND Oklahoma State, AND Texas A&M, et. al., makes for a strong and respectable conference, the winner of which is not treated like the winner of the Mountain West.


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  1. Jason Hildenbrand says:

    Like the article. Lady didn’t. My cousin had the OU fight song playing at her wedding in Dallas. My lady and grandma are both longhorns….Apparently there’s an anti-OU Cheer and it’s perfectly appropriate to show your appreciation for it even when that’s the song that introduces the newly weds. Freaks!

  2. jeff says:

    Great read as always. To FUNNY!!!!
    “For the love of Pistol Pete” LOL

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