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If anyone missed the Florida/Auburn game or the UGA/Vandy contest, well you missed two very intense games. We invite you to cast your votes on your pick for the “Most Intense” Coach. Ironically, these two men will be facing off in two weeks in the annual “Cocktail Party”. I don’t know about you, but I would pay money to see these guys square off in the ring prior to the game.
While certainly sometimes inappropriate, I must tell you from my perspective both of these coaches epitomize the term “fiery coach” and players love playing for guys like this. To quote Mark Richt after the incident “I just think tempers were hot. It was a very heated ballgame, a very close ballgame, a very emotional ballgame for everybody. It was just a situation where I’m sure words were spoken and all that kind of stuff”.
Disclaimer: In the attempt to remain “Family Friendly”, you should be aware that if you are a good lip reader, there is definitely some profanity being used.


To set the stage, Video 1 shows UF Head Coach’s reaction to an obvious bad “no call” in the UF/AU game. Video 2 shows the confrontation between UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham and Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin. In video 2, you aren’t able to see Coach Franklin’s face but according to witness accounts he was yelling and pointing at one of the UGA players and Coach Grantham obviously took issue with this.



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  1. JS says:

    DP I would agree, the scary thing is, if you really look Muschamp has the same psycho look in his eyes

  2. DP says:

    I gotta go with the UGA coach… something in that look in his eyes tells me something’s not right upstairs, haha!

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