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OK……I am back from my writing sabbatical…..

With spring practices in full swing, it springs hope eternal. We are 150 days from the start of College Football’s 2013 campaign.

So, I thought I would give my “way too early” Heisman frontrunners. I welcome your feedback and thoughts…..





#1 Teddy Bridgewater    QB Louisville Cardinals


After a stellar 2012 campaign capped off by leading his Cardinals to a Sugar Bowl victory of Florida, look for Teddy to be in the Heisman conversation early and often.




#2 Marqise Lee    WR Southern Cal


Marqise will be one of the few bright spots for USC. I expect the offense to lean on his talents heavily and he should put up some monster numbers.





#3 Todd Gurley     RB Georgia Bulldogs


Gurley had an incredible freshman year by all accounts. I expect with the added strength he has put on this off season combined with another year in the system, he will have another epic year.



#4 Jadeveon Clowney     DE South Carolina Gamecocks

If Clowney has the year he had last year, I expect him to be sitting in attendance at The Touchdown Club in December. It is clear me that Te’o was vastly overrated by the media and he earned that distinction; surely Clowney will.





#5 Johnny Manziel     QB Texas A&M

You heard it here first. The reigning Heisman winner will have a sophomore slump of epic proportion. I don’t expect him to be nearly as dominate this year and quite frankly I gave him the benefit of the doubt placing him in the top five.



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  1. JonDawg says:

    I guess i’m just a skeptic, but I dont believe Terry Bridgewater or Marquis Lee belong on the list, for any reason other than name recognition. Terry Bridgewater and Louisville have (what looks to be) the absolute easiest schedule I think I have ever seen, but will still lose to Rutgers (on a short week..), and they have one of the worst rushing offenses in the nation, so more coaches/players will surely be keying on Terry, so I just don’t see the excitement there, especially at numero uno.. Marquis Lee will have absolutely no one to throw to him, because if he did, their qb last year would’ve been sitting on the sideline, while they actually scored some points on a weak gt defense. If Barkley was the answer for USC last year at qb, that says alot about who was sitting behind him. Murray is going to have to fight to be included in that list (dont understand the media hate, he’s an outstanding person/athlete) and Gurley , sans injury, will be invited at the end of the year, as will Yeldon. I’m a Dawg fan for life, however, you can’t leave McCarron from Bama off that list, either. Good analysis on the ones you chose, though.
    By the way, you weren’t the first to predict the impending Manziel imposion.. I started singing that tune when he got upset at that graduate assistant and shoved him because the kid couldn’t stand that he just threw his third pick of the scrimmage. He’s either going to implode (character) or he’s going down due to injury (pushing too hard, trying to do it all himself) Don’t forget what happens to qb’s when they lose their senior left tackle, not to mention two other linemen.

  2. Andrew says:

    Unfortunately the media will play up Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes…but I am happy you did not place him on your list. I am not a big fan of USC(w) WR’s. I would take Amari Cooper over Lee anyday….Gurley and Yeldon will battle for best back in the SEC/Nation. If Clowney puts up good numbers(and he will) and has a few big hits(bowl game) he may be a strong contender.

    • JS says:

      I am with you Andrew. The media will prob be loving on Braxton, despite the mediocore competition. Also, you bring up a good point with Cooper

  3. Neal Perry says:

    Way too early for even a guess at this point. Aaron Murray of UGA, will, if he stays healthy, most likely set even more SEC passing records, and depending on how the season goes, you would figure he would have to0 be considered.

    • JS says:

      Thanks for commenting & yes I did consider placing Murray on the list. It will all depend on how much love he gets from the media. Which up to this point, he hasn’t, despite incredible numbers.

      • Neal Perry says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more.The tag on him, is that he doesn’t win the big games, but I think he mostly dispelled that with his performance last year. It seems it is so easy to forget that the offense operates with 11 players on the field. Maybe the only hit against him, is sometimes he tries to do too much, but I believe, if they let him run a little more when the coverage takes away his options, UGA will be better off. If UGA can win the early part of the schedule convincingly this year, I think the media coverage on Aaron should get ratcheted up quite a bit.
        I also believe that if UGA allows their QB,s to have a little more freedom in the game and take off, when the receivers aren’t open, the QB of the future will be Brice Ramsey, and unless, there is undying loyalty to a Mason, the competition should end up favoring Ramsey. He already has a bullet passing arm, and he knows how to tuck the ball down and take off, when need be. He will need to have a sharp learning curve this year though, because UGA will still favor a pocket passer with their offensive game plan, and he needs to learn how to read defensive coverage a lot better.
        I do like Gurley’s name in your article also, but in order for UGA running backs to be seriously considered for the Heisman, I would think the minimum for Gurley is to have the most yards in the SEC for a RB, and that would probably be at about 1500+, along with 12 TD’s, as well. I think that is hard to do with UGA wanting to spread the running around between the RB’s, especially with Marshall being in the picture. People expecting him to be another Walker aren’t thinking real straight. Walker was the teams whole running game when he played. Gurley is the best one, of a decent stable of RB’s UGA can field, so it will be difficult for him to stand out all by himself.

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