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Like Ace Ventura once said, “Let’s see that, in Instant Replay”…

-        On Thursday Russell Wilson showed why he makes the Badgers a sleeper national championship pick.  In the opening game of 2011, Wisconsin scored the first 27 points on their way to steamrolling UNLV 51-17 (and in case any of you thought Vegas might someday lose their touch, well keep waiting… line on this game was Wisc -35.5).  Wilson contributed 317 yds and 3 td’s of total offense; Wisconsin fans are certainly happy that he couldn’t hit a curveball and gave up on baseball.   Should be a fun year for the Badgers, and I can’t wait October 1st for their game vs Nebraska.

-        Notre Dame stumbled yet again… surprise, surprise.  Mother Nature made her presence felt with the first 2 weather delays at Notre Dame in almost a century.  The Irish actually didn’t play all that bad, but going -5 in the TO department will get you every time.  Possibly a stretch to say their game vs. Michigan on Saturday night is a must-win, but Saturday night’s game vs. Michigan is a must-win if they’re actually gonna make a BCS game.  Speaking of the Michigan game, am I an idiot or did anyone else not know that Michigan Stadium didn’t have permanent lights before this season?  Or that they’ve only played 33 night games in the history of their program?

-        Utah State was oh so close to giving us our first major upset of the season.  But of course, Auburn averted disaster by scoring 14 points in the final 2 minutes and change.  All of which is of little importance compared to the majesty that is Utah State running back Kerwynn Williams’ hairstyle:








  -Colorado let some quarterback named Eric Crouch Bryant Moniz run wild on them on the way to their (approximately) 235th consecutive road loss.  John Embree’s re-dedication to the running game paid immediate dividends with a whopping 17 net rushing yards.  In all fairness Hawkins left an epic dump of a mess in Boulder so we Buffs fans will have to be patient.  The good news is the bye week is coming up soon… oh wait, nevermind!

-        Props to Richmond, Sacramento State and Lindenwood University for pulling the upset against teams from a higher division.  I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – Oregon State losing to a team that went 6-5 in the powerhouse BigSky conference last year… or the Northern Colorado Bears losing to an NAIA team from Missouri.  As a UNC alum, I’m gonna go with the latter.

-        The Boise haters probably won’t ever stop, but they got a nice warm glass of you-know-what (Happy Gilmore reference) Saturday night.  The Broncos dismantled a top-20 ranked SEC team in what was basically a road atmosphere for Boise.  Haters gonna hate, but Boise just keeps humming along.  At this point it should be obvious to anyone who knows football that they’re a legit powerhouse team; time and time again they step up to the plate and challenge themselves whenever possible against the top teams in the nation, and they almost always come through.

-        Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Maryland uniforms.  When I first saw them I wanted to find some Dramamine and down the whole bottle… but as I looked closer I gained a true appreciation of how awesome they are.  They’re certainly not for the traditionalists among us, but I give them an A+ for uniqueness and creativity.  Although, I’m not so sure they didn’t borrow them from the Dallas Knights in “Any Given Sunday”.



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  1. Iowa Dave says:

    The Badgers are pretenders. Yeah I said it. They’ll be a flash in the pan this year. Wilson looked great, I’ll give you that but they were playing a feeble UNLV. Look for the Hawkeyes to make some noise and surprise some people.

  2. CB says:

    Couldnt agree more about those Maryland unis being pulled from any given Sunday, although I kind of liked them. I can’t wait for that neb vs wisc game either. I’m thinking those two for the big10 title.

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