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 Wow, did this past weekend’s college football action change the landscape of the title hunt a little bit, eh?  With AP #’s 3 (Florida State), 4 (LSU), and 5 (Georgia) going down, along with #11 Texas, we still have several unbeatens in the mix, but some will face each other along the way, thus guaranteeing more carnage.  For those of us with allegiances to decent one-loss teams, such carnage is exactly what we are hoping for (see Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, LSU, Florida State, et. al.). 


We could try to pencil in Alabama and Oregon as the lone survivors, but that wouldn’t be any fun, now would it?  After all, Bama’s November date with Western Carolina looms large (well, “looms large” may be a bit strong), and Oregon will have to face an upstart colony of Beavers (that’s right, “colony”).  Aside from that, with LSU going down to a Florida team that should have lost its SEC opener to Texas A&M (and which will face The Real Gamecocks of Richland County), and with West Virginia QB Geno Smith yet to see Kansas State and Collin Klein, anything can happen at this point.  Notre Dame may actually be good, but will have plenty of tests remaining, including Stanford, Oklahoma, and USC.  Oklahoma may not be good, but will certainly pretend to be on several occasions throughout the season if nothing else. 


The Georgia Bulldogs, once-proud owners of a favorable SEC East schedule, will face a Florida team that they will have to hope can chomp the aforementioned Gamecocks the week prior, thus causing confusion and math to come into play (if not hysteria and/or mayhem) in order to find out who gets trampled by Alabama.  Time out….  How does Alabama not have to play Georgia, South Carolina, or Florida during the regular season, anyway?  I don’t know, but it probably has something to do with those Big 12 defectors joining the SEC.  Noteworthy is that A&M, now 2-1 in SEC play, sports a points-for-and-against of 105-57 versus SEC opponents, but LSU and Alabama may influence those numbers in weeks to come.


I could go on and on, of course, but the point is that the fun is just beginning.  Stay tuned…

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