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Today ESPN is reporting that former Texas Tech Red Raider head coach Mike Leach is among the candidates that Florida Atlantic University is considering to replace the retiring corpse of Howard Schnellenberger.  While I’m glad to see Coach Leach back in the picture somewhat, I can only hope for his sake that he waits for a better offer… which begs the question, why hasn’t he gotten a better offer already?  The easy answer is obviously schools are scared off by how Leach’s tenure at Tech ended; however that might be the worst case of a football program taking the “high-road” I’ve ever heard.  For all we know the worst thing Mike Leach ever did was refuse to apologize for something he never should’ve been asked to apologize for.  In a sworn deposition in Lubbock County on March 13, 2010, Adam James (the player that Leach “locked” in a darkened garage during practice one day) told authorities that at the time he actually thought the incident wasn’t a big deal and he “did find humor in it”.  So to me this seems like one (or more) of the suits at Texas Tech had a vendetta against Leach, didn’t want to pay him big-time money on a new contract, or simply was throwing a fit because Leach wouldn’t apologize – or a mixture of all the above.  With the questionable characters that prowl stadium sidelines across the country every Saturday, I’d say Coach Leach has significantly less baggage than many.  Or is Bobby Petrino’s cowardly exit from the Falcons (a resignation note left in the locker room – really Bob?), Nick Saban’s similar exit from the Dolphins, or Mike Price’s booze-filled dismissal from Alabama really that much easier to forgive than not saying, “aw jeez, I’m really sorry”?  Doubtful at best.

But back to Leach and his credentials as a head coach… he never had a losing season at Tech, has the most wins of any coach in school history, won 5 bowl games, and his superior offensive game-planning helped produce countless records – not to mention made stars out of such un-heralded QB’s like Kliff Kingsbury, B.J. Symons and Sonny Cumbie.  Also, I have no stats to back this up but I would guess interest (both nationally and in Lubbock) in the Tech football program was at an all-time high during Leach’s tenure; any AD should love to have a coach get their school national and local prominence.  The man’s teams were crazy fun to watch, and just about every year they’d pull an upset on a top-ranked opponent.  Sounds like a guy I’d love to have coaching at my school… but who am I to say?

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    I would love to have this guy coaching at my school too.
    Texas Tech ! Arrruuggghhhhh

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